Tender Holding

In this section of describing DO Company’s services, we proudly announce that our company, as the physical representative of your company in Iran, can hold a tender to export your desired product.

Operational stages of holding a tender:

  1. Getting the detailed information of your order from you, the employer, and making necessary arrangements and plans to determine the date of tender.
  2. Announcing the subject of the tender to exporters who work in the field of your desired product. (All the exporters of each product area are verified and authenticated beforehand.)
  3. Conducting field research in domestic wholesale markets before reopening the bid envelopes to identify reasonable and appropriate suggested prices.
  4. Reopening the bids submitted by exporters in a certain period of time. We’ll give the employer (your company) prior notice before doing this and you can supervise the procedure.
  5. Selecting the top three participants as the initial winners of the tender.
  6. Providing you with general information about the initial winners of the tender including: reputation, economic power, executive power and quality of products they produce and international feedback they receive.
  7. Selecting of the final winner of the tender on behalf of the employer.
  8. Announcing the tender result to the main winner and concluding a contract with the person/company as your physical representative, in accordance with International Trading Laws and the Islamic Republic of Iran Trading Laws.

*While benefiting from the above-mentioned services, you can also use our company’s inspection services to gain complete assurance.

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