Purchase & Shipping

We proudly announce that this part of DO Tradepartner Company services includes undertaking your purchase representation and conducting its full procedure. Our company, as your physical representative in Iran, can purchase your desired product from the manufacturer at its current price in the Iran domestic market. Also, we perform all the steps of quality and quantity inspection, production supervision, product delivery and carrying out the customs and export services of the product.

Operational stages of these services:

  1. Gathering accurate and comprehensive information about your desired product, in order to purchase it.
  2. Negotiating with domestic manufacturers of the product.
  3. Providing a complete list of price, quality, quantity and production ability of the manufacturer of your desired product along with reliable documentation.
  4. Selecting one or more manufacturers on behalf of you to purchase the product.
  5. Signing a contract with the product manufacturer, as the physical representative of your company.
  6. Negotiating with domestic packing factories for product processing and packing (if necessary and depending on the product you have chosen).
  7. Providing a complete list of price, quality and reputation of product packing factories, in terms of proper production and appropriate duration.
  8. Signing a contract with your desired packing and processing factories, as your company’s physical representative.
  9. Providing possible ways and methods to transport the product to your intended destination, introducing shipping companies and providing the companies’ price lists.
  10. Signing a contract with the shipping company you choose to transport the product in your intended way, as your physical representative.
  11. Inspection of cleanliness and hygiene of containers, tanks, warehouses of ships and trucks.
  12. Product loading.
  13. Carrying out your product’s customs affairs and export of it to your intended destination.
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