Petrochemicals & Minerals

We are truly pleased to express that Iran is one of the largest and most important oil and gas resources in the world. Also, the country is a basic resource in terms of numerous and various mines of stones, salt and metals, and has a strong and effective presence in these areas. Iran’s mines and its petrochemical industries are the largest ones among the producers of such minerals and products in the world. It is worth mentioning that Iran’s minerals and petrochemical products are mostly exported to the countries all around the world. As the finishing touch of this section, we are pleased to introduce some of the minerals and petrochemical products of Iran as follows.

*If your desired item is not included in the following list, contact us through the provided contact information.

Acetic acid


Ammonium sulfate

Building stones

Caustic soda



Ethylene Dichloride (Dichlor Oethane)

Ethylene Glycol


Polymethyl methacrylate

Polyolefin elastomer

Propylene (Propene)


Raw materials for the polymer industry

Sulfur (Sulphur)

Titanium Dioxide

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