It’s a great honor for us to inform you about another part of DO Company’s services. For this purpose, it is worth mentioning that after concluding a contract or memorandum, we as a partner of your company, are obliged to perform a qualitative and quantitative inspection of the product(s) that you have purchased. The inspection process starts from the production stage of the product and continues to its loading and transportation stages.

Product inspection steps:

  1. Gathering accurate and comprehensive information about the products you have purchased.
  2. Sending expert staff from the working group related to your product to the production site.
  3. Qualitative and quantitative inspection of your product at the production site, before the production process is started.
  4. Counting and determining the apparent amount of product inventory (for the products that have already been produced).
  5. Quantitative and qualitative inspection of product packing.
  6. Controlling the product weight (for bulk products, packed products, etc.).
  7. Inspection of cleanliness and hygiene of warehouses of ships, tanks, containers and trucks.
  8. Final sampling and inspection of the product before loading.
  9. Quality assurance of the purchased product.

*All the above-mentioned steps will be presented to you step-by-step, visually and in written form. After your approval the next steps will enter the implementation phase.

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