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There are two vast seas in Iran, one of which is located in the northern part (Caspian Sea) and the other one is in the southern part (Persian Gulf). Iran is one of the most important and largest countries in the field of fisheries and a large variety of marine and farmed fish can be found there easily and at a low cost. As you’re probably aware, Iran is one of the most important and largest countries working in the field of farming the Trout fish. In this section of introducing our products, we will mention and describe some of the aquatic animals that are found in our country.

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Caviar is one of the most special and luxurious foods in the world. (salmon trout benefits)–
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Trout Caviar

Trout fish is a very tasty and delicious fish that is especially popular among seafood lovers. Considering its biological conditions, this fish is very healthy and …
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Different types of Sturgeon fish live in the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Sea of …
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Everything about Carp Fish Carp fish belongs to the “Cyprinidae” family and is found in fresh water sources.
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Groupers fish

King Fish

Silver pomfret


salmon trout

Trout is a type of cold water fish and belongs to the salmon family. The number of scales between the fat fin and the lateral line of this fish is between 14 and 19.
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Shrimp is one of the aquatic species that is also considered a popular food among Iranians
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