In the description of another part of DO Company’s services, we are pleased to explain that we, as a broker, can introduce the exporters of your desired product to you. Since our company knows domestic exporters well and has sufficient and appropriate information about them, we do our best to provide you with the best options and choices.

Operational stages of this kind of services:

  1. Getting complete and accurate information about your desired product (quality, quantity and details) along with the customer’s target price.
  2. Negotiating with the exporters of your desired product.
  3. Providing you with a summary of the results of the negotiations in written form.
  4. Introducing the two exporters of the desired product who are closest to your target price and providing information about these two exporters (reputation, product quality and the time required to deliver the order).
  5. One of the companies will be chosen by you and a contract will be concluded between you and the company.

* Lastly, our special offer is that you, as the purchaser (employer), can also use our inspection services to be totally ensured about the products you purchase.

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